Essentials of a Good Job Advertisement



One important function of the human resource department is to source for quality personnel and recruit them so as increasing the company’s competitive edge in the market. This task can be very daunting. It is not easy to hire the right people to get the job done. It is the duty of human resource manager to coordinate the recruitment process to find the perfect person to fill the vacancy.


As StaffAdvert human resource specialist, you need to come up with a competency model which clearly outlines the skills and qualities for that particular job vacancy. From the design, you can find a precise job description and commence your search for the right person.


Writing a job advertisement is a major step in a recruitment process. The job advertisement should state clearly the benefits attached to the position and the job specifications. The job ad should be a proper channel of communication where the manager explains desirable qualities of a potential candidate. Learn more about employment at


The specifications of the ad will only attract the interest of people who meet the qualifications. Therefore, it should be brief and precise. An ad with a broad scope will draw interest from many people who do not have right skills. Only qualified individuals will make applications for the position. If a small number of candidates apply for the job, then, as a human resource manager, you will have an easy time to identify the right person from the few individuals. Importantly, an ad is also an opportunity to market the company. Use it to communicate positive information about the organization. The language in the job advert is also an important factor. Depending on the level of education required for the position, tailor the language in the ad so that one can easily understand it. Right language drives the message home.


Having a complete job description is a half way the Staff Advert recruitment process. Know the right media to reach out to potential candidates. The media plays the role of conveying the advertisement to the right people. You can use newspapers, radio ad or online sites. Check the accessibility of such media by the potential candidate. To minimize the advertisement cost, the best option to place an ad is the company’s website. A company’s website is also a reliable source, and many people will believe that it is genuine and not a scam.


Placing a job advertisement is not an easy task. To help you out, you should take note of all the factors discussed above. You are likely to recruit a competent staff which will deliver.


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